H-Sphere Versions

H-Sphere 3.0 Features


H-Sphere installation/update:

Control Panel:

Simplified reseller:

  • Markup Plans created by H-Sphere admin with predefined resources and prices to be resold by resellers
  • Now resellers will automatically obtain both administrative and user accounts upon signup.

Load Balancing:

Mail System:

Billing System:

Windows Features and Improvements

Comodo SSL:

Dedicated Hosting:

Other Unix Features:

  • Webshell in CGI mode with possibility to enable it for particular Logical Server
  • Removed deprecated merchant gateways: Ematic, IONgate, InterCept, PayAndShop, Payready
  • Support for FreeBSD 6.0, 6.1, 6.2
  • Support for RedHat EL 4 x86_64 and Centos 4 x86_64
  • Redesigned default error pages for H-Sphere Control Panel and Web servers
  • Improved design of Skeleton Files

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