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H-Sphere Single Server Edition Versions


H-Sphere Single Server Edition was optimized for running a small hosting company. Now all the sophisticated automation features of H-Sphere are available for the hosts with just one server. Simplified installation allows deployment in minutes. And best of all it comes with unlimited user license!

Pricing. H-Sphere Single Server Edition is licenses at $50/month per server (see volume discounts). Hosts can use this edition to put as many customers and domains on the server as they wish. You can purchase H-Sphere Single Server edition at license.psoft.net The software comes with 30 days trial license. Installation/upgrade and support is included into the license fee!

Valid license. Single Server Control Panel operates only with valid license. Implemented callback mechanism enables H-Sphere to check every second day if the license is valid. If it's not, it shows a message stating there's a problem with license or it cannot reach the licensing server. CP stops accepting new connections within 7 days after the last confirmation of license validity.

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3.0 Patch 6 13 Sep 2007 *nux *nux

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