Patches&Updates H-Sphere System Packages Update

15 Oct 2008

For H-Sphere 3.1+

This update includes the following packages:


  1. Run HS updater for the latest version of H-Sphere 3.1 from the directory the updater is located.
    sh U31.0P1
  2. To update
    • All packages to the latest version, execute:
    • PostgreSQL package to the latest version, execute:
      hspackages postgres
      Warning: If during the update process you get the message:
      WARNING: pg_hba.conf must be configured more strictly.
      it means that pg_hba.conf for a given Postgres database should be configured to restrict IP access to Postgres databases from outside the H-Sphere cluster. It is especially important to ensure that IP access to the H-Sphere system database is provided only from CP.

      Important: By default, CP PostgreSQL listens on localhost (parameter virtual_host= in PostgreSQL config file). To change this, please customize PostgreSQL config file template accordingly.

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