Requesting Support

H-Sphere Installation Request


Prior to requesting the installation, please prepare your servers.
Note: Setting up new software may affect the operability of your server, thus there must not be any production software running. Positive Software takes no responsibility for any hardware and/or software failures that may occur during installation.

Installation Fee

To have H-Sphere installed by our installation team, please pay the $95.00 setup fee to cover the installation costs. $95.00 is the fixed fee for any number of installed services and target boxes. Once you send us an installation request, we will send you the invoice. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, check or wire transfer. You can also specify the number of licenses you want to purchase.

To see the prices for other Positive Software services, view Price List.


If the servers are carefully prepared and all requirements have been satisfied, the installation ideally takes less than half an hour. However, be prepared for longer periods caused by slow connection speed and other factors. After the installation has been completed, we perform post-installation testing, which normally takes 1 to 2 days.
Note: do not operate the system unitl you are notifed that the post-installation tests are over.



  1. Register at our support system.
  2. Click to Submit a Ticket in the menu.
  3. In the Select Department list, check H-Sphere install and click Next to continue.
  4. Fill in the form and make sure to enter required info in the Message Details text box.
  5. Click Submit to apply Installation request.


Required Info

To install H-Sphere for you, we will need the following data sent to us in H-Sphere installation request (see Procedure):

  • H-Sphere License
  • Company Name;
  • Contact information and mailing address;
  • The domain name you are going to use with H-Sphere. This domain name will be used for server names, such as,,,,, and for third-level hosting, such as, If necessary, you can use different domains for different servers or third level domain hosting;
  • The list of servers you want to use (IP's);
  • For every server:
    • Username of the users able to telnet or ssh and run su command;
    • Passwords for that user;
    • Root password (Important: Make sure to change root password after installation, for security purposes).
  • To have H-Sphere installed on internal IPs, specify which internal IPs will correspond to which external IPs.
  • If you install a load balanced Web or mail cluster, please list specific IPs and paths;
  • Preferred H-Sphere configuration, i.e. what you want to install on each server
    (if this is not specified, we'll choose the configuration by ourselves).

Prior to the installation, please make sure your automatic update utility (up2date on RedHat or swup on Trustix) is registered and properly configured. Our support team may need to update some of your packages using this utility.

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